Unsupported System Drive: Last Partition Unable to Resize Error





What is happening?

You are enabling Intel® Optane™ memory for system acceleration. The end of the targeted drive to be accelerated must contain at least 5MB of continuous unallocated space. The drive requires space to store configuration information to successfully pair the drive to be accelerated with the Intel® Optane™ Memory Series module.

You see an error stating the last partition cannot be resized.

Why is it happening?

You may encounter this issue due to:

  • Not enough free space on the drive to be accelerated
  • A locked partition at the end of the drive, commonly a recovery partition. After an OS upgrade, the system may generate a locked partition at the end of the drive.

How can I resolve it?

If you see this error while enabling system acceleration, do the following:

  1. Download an application that is able to resize partitions:

    Application Help guide
    AOMEI Partition Assistant* Help guide on how to shrink a partition (Case 2)
    IM-Magic Partition Resizer* Help guide on how to shrink a partition
    Macrorit Disk Partition Expert* Help guide on how to shrink a partition
  2. Resize (shrink) the partition to create at least 5MB of unallocated space at the end of the targeted drive
    • Before proceeding, we recommend backing up all data.
    • Links provided to third-party tools and sites are for your convenience. We do not necessarily endorse the content, products, or services offered. We do not offer support for third-party tools.
    • If the recovery partition at the end of your system disk is from your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or motherboard vendor, we suggest working with them before proceeding.


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