Build a More Reliable SDS Solution with Intel® Architecture

Das Kamhout explains how to achieve performant, reliable, easy-to-manage, and scalable software defined solutions with technology from Intel.

Transcript starts: I'm Das Kamhout, senior principal engineer and Intel and today I'm going to talk to you about software defined storage and how our architecture can make your solution more performant, reliable, and easier to manage.

From now ...until 2020 the size of the digital universe will double every two years. As your customers' data volumes continue to grow and their work-load load performance requirements increase it's important to invest in a solution that scales efficiently and allows you to grow effectively, while making sure that you can achieve the necessary data IO requirements for performance and latency in achieving the necessary reliability levels.

Software defined storage allows you to pool many independent resources together to scale out horizontally and provide tiered storage all through a single API. Red Hat Ceph*, VMware vSAN* and Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct are three of the most prevalent software defined storage solutions available today.

This solution is built with standard independent servers that are connected via Ethernet. This allows you to scale at a much smaller incremental expense by adding one or a few servers at a time into your storage resource pool. Most cloud service providers are already adopting this model allowing them to meet the needs of their customers for both performance and scalability.

It also allows them to run new services, such as analytics, big data, and media streaming and they can do this all on the same infrastructure. Intel® technology powers these solutions and our industry investments allow you to adopt these types of solutions now.

For an example on how Intel® architecture helps with these solutions I'm going to walk you through Red Hat Ceph* storage. Let's start with the base. First we have Intel® Xeon® processors powering all the compute. We then have Intel® SSDs or Optane™. We have Intel® Network Adapters, and then we're running the Intel Storage Acceleration Libraries and on the top you have the Virtual Storage Manager making it easier to manage the entire environment. All of these components together allow you to achieve extremely low latency, high-throughput, and high performance on a very low energy efficient form factor. Intel has developed the Virtual Storage Manager which is an open source community project which helps you with the creation and the management of the Ceph storage solution.

Ultimately with Intel tech and industry software you can now provide software defined solutions for your customers in cloud computing environments. With software defined storage solutions you can run your customers' most demanding applications in the cloud environment with complete confidence. You can offer your customers performance SLAs and scaling effectively to meet their needs enabling top line revenue while ensuring a solid bottom line. For more information go to

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