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Equip sales associates with tools to redefine customer engagement.

Today, about two-thirds of shoppers come into the store having already started their research online.1 In fact, they may be more knowledgeable about products than the sales associates themselves. Mobile sales tools can empower associates to delight customers with more detailed product information.

Shoppers who expect personalized, informed customer service in the store may become disenchanted if they realize they know more about a product—or its availability—than an associate. They expect associates to be able to give them the same offers they see online, or help them quickly find an item placed in an online shopping cart.

Mobile Devices Turn Associates into Experts

By giving sales associates tablets loaded with clienteling and sales-assist applications, retailers can turn associates into brand advocates. They can redefine the brick-and-mortar shopping experience and combat diminishing in-store traffic. In addition, they can use cross-channel shopping behaviors as an advantage, since associates can more easily see what a customer has been doing in the online store.

Clienteling and sales-assist apps draw insights from data such as loyalty information, past purchases, and behaviors to inform and guide associates. These insights can help associates recommend items, find and compare products, and offer discounts.

Rewarding, differentiated experiences help sales associates convert browsers into buyers and achieve basket uplift. These successful engagements build pride and brand ambassadorship among associates, which can in turn reduce turnover.

Increase sales-associate productivity and mobility—and better support peak sale periods—with Intel®-based mobile devices loaded with clienteling and sales-assist apps.

Key Ingredients for Mobile Solutions

To get started with sales assist and clienteling, retailers must first select and deploy durable, high-quality mobile devices. Intel®-based tablets and 2 in 1s deliver exceptional battery life for all-day performance. Retailers may also consider adding payment sleeves to support secure credit card payment.

Intel works with a wide range of solution partners to optimize software for sales assist and clienteling on Intel®-based devices. Device configuration and on-site support are also available from a range of solution-integration partners.

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1Intel-Merkle Digital Shopper Behavior, 2014.