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Revolutionize campaigns by matching the right products to the right customers.   

In this new world of retail, your customers have warmed up to product recommendations based on past purchases or demographics.

Online-only retailers are getting better at matching customers to items they are likely to buy. So should you.

The shopping journey has changed dramatically. Consumers have acclimated to the convenience of online shopping and now expect all retailers to have exactly what they want. They also expect a personal touch and may be more sensitive to receiving offers that aren’t relevant to them. To build brand loyalty and forge stronger relationships, you need to understand what your customers are really after—and speak directly to their needs.

Prescriptive Marketing Relies on Data

With prescriptive marketing, retailers turn data into actionable insights that lead to smarter campaigns. For example, data about past purchases can be used to predict which customers are most likely to buy a new product. Information about product use can indicate which new features will have the highest traction in the market. Data gleaned from social media can make it easier to spot the next popular or trendy items.

When used appropriately, data can give retailers a better understanding of the customer journey, so they can meet shoppers at the point at which they’re ready to buy. Data can be used in a variety of ways, from automated “fit recommendations” that are generated as the customer shops, to more advanced campaign optimization, which can help retailers get the most from their marketing budgets.

Intel architects the retail enterprise for maximum data value. We’re working to streamline manageability and reduce complexity in data processing—all while ensuring end-to-end security.

Maximize Value from Your Data

To capitalize on data, retailers first need to implement an enterprise-level analytics platform. By creating customized predictive analytics solutions, you can transform not only your marketing campaigns, but your entire retail environment. In addition to next-generation data center solutions, Intel works with many partners to offer a variety of cloud-based, pre-integrated analytics platforms that can accelerate the time to value of prescriptive marketing, while reducing the risk and cost of capital investments.

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