Intel® Select Solutions for Hybrid Cloud bring all the advantages of cloud services to your on-premises data center in a simple and accelerated deployment option. Choose verified solutions that offer tuned and optimized infrastructure for private cloud strategies at premium performance from software-defined compute, storage, and networking capabilities.

Intel® Select Solutions for Google Cloud's Anthos*

Simplify your move to a multi-cloud solution by offering pre-tested, validated solutions that make use of your existing VMware vSphere* and VMware vSAN* environment.

Intel® Select Solutions for Qing3* HCI

Helps enterprises make full use of the powerful capabilities of software-defined data centers, and quickly upgrade to a hybrid cloud architecture, creating a solid IT cornerstone for enterprise digital transformation. This solution is only available in China.

Intel® Select Solutions for XSKY* Software-Defined Storage System

Reduce the total cost of ownership and improve horizontal scalability and availability with this software-defined storage solution. This solution is only available in China.

Intel® Select Solutions for EasyStack* Private Cloud and HCI

Enable digital transformation with the ability to centrally deploy and manage computing, storage, and network resources, simplifying management and shortening the cloud deployment cycle while achieving high performance, reliability, and lower cost. This solution is only available in China.

Intel® Select Solutions for Hardened Security with Lockheed Martin

Simplify deployment with this hardened, full-stack security solution that isolates and protects Virtual Machines (VMs) at runtime and can allocate compute resources for more consistent performance.

Intel® Select Solutions for VMware vSAN* (Version 2)

Built on 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, this scalable, hyperconverged solution is pre-configured and performance optimized, and offers higher capacity memory for the most demanding applications and workloads.

Intel® Select Solutions for Azure Stack HCI* (Version 2)

Modernize your IT infrastructure with this high performance, workload-optimized solution, refreshed with 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, that is easy to deploy and tailored to the different compute, memory, and storage needs at the edge and in the data center.

Intel® Select Solutions for Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric* (Version 2)

Accelerate blockchain development on an optimized, verified infrastructure based on Hyperledger Fabric* and built on 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Intel® Select Solutions for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform*

An optimized solution, tested and verified by Intel and Red Hat, that runs an on-premises, private container platform that is customizable and fully interoperable with existing infrastructure and environments.

Intel® Select Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack*

Enable delivery of Azure Services from on-premise datacenters, including all-flash storage architecture options to provide additional performance.

Intel® Select Solutions for Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric*

Enhance performance and increase efficiency with this workload-optimized, blockchain solution built on Hyperledger Fabric* and based on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor.

Intel® Select Solutions for Huawei FusionStorage*

Quickly deploy robust, scalable software-defined storage, designed for cloud-based architectures, with this optimized, and performance-verified solution.

Intel® Select Solutions for VMware vSAN*

Hyper-converged storage virtualization configurations optimized for peak performance.

Intel® Select Solutions for Microsoft* Azure Stack HCI

Formerly known as Microsoft* Azure Stack HCI, this solution is designed to accelerate traffic between nodes in the cluster and improve total cost of ownership.

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