Cyclone® III FPGAs

The Cyclone® III FPGA family combines low power, high functionality, and low cost to maximize your competitive edge. The features and architecture of the Cyclone® III FPGA provide the ideal solution for your high-volume, low-power, cost-sensitive applications.

Family Variants

Cyclone® III FPGA

Lowest power, high functionality FPGA with the lowest cost

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Cyclone® III LS FPGA

Lowest power FPGA with security

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Meet Your Power Goals with Ease

With 200K logic elements (LEs) and 8-Mbits of memory for less than 1/4 watt of static power consumption, this family sets the power standard. Manufactured on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC's) low-power (LP) process technology, these FPGAs make it easy to meet your power budgets, be it for communications equipment, handheld consumer products, or software-defined radios.

Design Security

Cyclone® III LS FPGAs are the first to offer a suite of security features at the silicon, software, and intellectual property (IP) level on a low power, high functionality FPGA. This suite of security features protects your IP from tampering, reverse engineering, and cloning. Additionally, these devices enable you to introduce redundancy in a single chip using design separation, which reduces the size, weight, and power of your applications.

Complete Design Resources

To assure a smooth, successful design flow, and to make it possible for you to turn your ideas into revenue quicker than ever before, Intel provides a complete Cyclone® III FPGA design environment. Take your designs from concept through production and reap the rewards of getting to market faster. With Cyclone® III FPGAs, the possibilities are unlimited.


With its unprecedented combination of low power, high functionality, and low cost, the Cyclone® III FPGA family broadens the number of high-volume, cost-sensitive applications that can benefit from an FPGA.

Design Tools

Intel® Quartus® Prime Software

FPGA RTL Developers. Start Coding, Floor Planning, and Estimating Power with Cyclone® III Devices Today!

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Configuration Center

Learn about the Cyclone® III FPGA configuration solution that best fits your requirements.

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Development Kits and Boards

Accelerate your design process by utilizing a variety of development kits based on Cyclone® III FPGAs. These hardware-based solutions contain everything you need to create and implement a design in as little as 1-2 hours.


Optional HSMC Interface-Compatible Daughtercards, Adapters, or Cables


With up to 200K logic elements, 8 Mbits of embedded memory, and 396 embedded multipliers, Cyclone® III LS devices are ideal for processing intensive low-power applications.

Documentation and Support

Find technical documentation, videos, and training courses for your Intel® Cyclone® III FPGA designs.