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Unleash your imagination and captivate audiences with rich digital content creation using the advanced Xe media engine, augmented by AI and accelerated by Deep Link technology. Spend more time creating and less time waiting, Intel Arc graphics is the ultimate choice in performance for digital creation.

Our Partners

“Blackmagic Design added support for AV1 decoding in Davinci Resolve 17.2. We are excited to now optimize Davinci Resolve for the latest Intel Arc graphics and next-generation Quick Sync Video technology, to be able to leverage its hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding capabilities. With our strong partnership and Intel’s unwavering support for the Creator community, we are looking forward to be able to fully optimize our software for Intel CPUs and GPUs and enhance the user experience for our customers."

Rohit Gupta, Director, DaVinci Software Engineering

"Embedded hardware encoders including Intel Quick Sync has changed the game over the last few years by significantly lowering the barrier for content creators to create live stream and VOD content without requiring beefy CPUs. However, high bandwidth requirements for good quality live streaming and large file sizes of video content still remains an issue. We are very excited about AV1 encoding support being a part of Intel's Arc Graphics Solutions, as the superior compression of AV1 will lower the barrier even further for content creators everywhere to create high quality gaming videos with much lower bandwidth requirements and disk space usage than ever before."

Andreas Hoye, CPO, Xsplit

“Here at MAGIX, we are excited to take advantage of the latest AV1 video codec thanks to the Intel Arc graphics platform. With its powerful hardware accelerated AV1 encode and decode capabilities, we are able to provide an easy AV1 workflow for our Video deluxe and Video Pro X users. The latest Quick Sync Video technology in Intel Arc graphics crunches through AV1 video exports very efficiently and we can’t wait to present this great and new export option to our customers.“


Sven Kardelke, Chief Product Officer, MAGIX Software GmbH

Product and Performance Information


H.264/AVC claim based on https://engineering.fb.com/2018/04/10/video-engineering/av1-beats-x264-and-libvpx-vp9-in-practical-use-case/ and H.265/HEVC claim based on https://www.winxdvd.com/convert-hevc-video/av1-vs-hevc.htm. Intel does not control or audit third-party data. You should consult other sources to evaluate accuracy.


For workloads and configurations visit www.Intel.com/PerformanceIndex. Results may vary.