This page provides additional details on the privacy practices of the Resume/Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) section of Intel's website. This is only a supplement to Intel's corporate privacy policy.

Intel will use your personal information for recruitment purposes, and if you are offered a job or become employed by Intel, for other employment-related purposes.

By submitting your resume/C.V. information to Intel, you agree that we may use it for recruitment purposes (including transferring the data to other countries, transferring your information to other companies authorized to perform specific services for Intel and/or other processing relevant to recruitment purposes). It will not be shared with others for non-recruitment purposes.

Resumes/C.V.s should include information relevant to your employment history and education (degrees obtained, places worked, positions held, relevant awards, and so forth). Intel recommends that you do not disclose sensitive personal characteristics (for example, gender, height, weight, religion, philosophical or political beliefs, financial data) in your resume/C.V. or letters to Intel.

Resume/C.V. Data Retention

Intel will not retain your personal information longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is collected. Resumes/C.V.s may be retained in order to comply with various country requirements on applicant data reporting.

Accessing, Updating, and Removing Resume/C.V. Information

If you need to update or otherwise make changes to your resume/C.V., simply resubmit a new resume/C.V. If you wish to have your resume/C.V. completely removed from our system, please send an email to: To aid our support agents in locating your resume/C.V., please be sure and include your name, email address and phone number as submitted with your resume/C.V.

For Users Outside the United States

Your information will be processed and/or stored in our U.S. database. By submitting your resume/C.V., you are consenting to the export of your information to the U.S. for processing and storage.