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Six apps for tablets to make your device even more awesome

When you’re out shopping for a tablet, you probably want the best tablet that fits your budget. Beyond the tablet, there are accessories and apps you may add on to make the experience even more awesome. Here, we’re going to focus on the app side of things.

Free to install~
With over a million apps in the Google Play* store, how would you know which ones may be useful to you? Tablified Tablet Market is an app that may helps you identify some useful apps to improve your tablet experience.

This app lets you tinker with the settings on your tablets – including settings that may not usually be available on your tablet. It helps you customize your device according to how you would like to use it. For example, you can set a longer screen timeout when you’re using a book reader or have your ringtone adjust based on your location – softer in the office and louder at home.

Free to install - for first 15GB only~
Google Drive lets you share or store backups of your favorite photos, videos and files, freeing up space on your tablet. Just upload the files on the Drive cloud and retrieve them on your tablet when you need them.

Free to install~
Looking to improve the protection of your files and favorite songs? Titanium Backup lets you create a backup and restore point for your apps and data. If you’re serious about helping keep your tablet files more secure, this app does the job.^

Free to install~
This app lets you take control of your tablet from your PC’s web browser. You can work on both devices from a single screen. Continue editing the file you created on your tablet at your PC while having all your messages, calls and alert routed to the PC too. Instead of having to switch between your computer and your tablet, the AirDroid app lets you stay focused on one device.

Free to install~
Think of this app as a multi-tasking manager for your tablet. It helps you track your downloaded files, shut down apps you’re not using and manage the dozens of apps that could be cluttering up your tablet.

With the right apps, you’re one step closer to getting the most out of your tablet and ensuring you enjoy a richer and more fulfilling experience. Check out some of the latest tablets available on the market.

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^ No computer system can be absolutely secure. 

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