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Wearables – tech for everyone from the fashionista to fitness buff

Initially seen as just for gadget-lovers and professional athletes, wearables have fast made their way into our everyday lives. From smartwatches to biometric trackers, these versatile devices are changing the way we stay connected, maintain our health, and keep ourselves entertained.

When paired with your PC or tablet, wearables are filling gaps by providing functions we might not have thought we needed until now. There are currently devices to track how far you’ve walked, read messages without touching your phone, and even immerse you in a completely virtual world. Generally though, wearables can be segmented into two broad categories: Lifestyle and Fitness & Health.

Lifestyle wearables for how we live and play

From how they look to what they do, lifestyle wearables are designed to fit neatly into our lives and support our everyday activities and interactions. They’re perfect for staying connected with your online social life by allowing you to read alerts and notifications quickly, or sending quick replies on the go. Head-mounted devices like those from the Google Glass* project and Oculus Rift* can even use augmented reality technology to provide additional information on our surroundings or let us live our games by putting us in a 360-degree virtual reality environment.

Mica Smart Bracelet

My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA) is a great example of a wearable that not only fits into your lifestyle, but also with your fashion sense. Designed by Opening Ceremony and engineered by Intel, this smart bracelet comes in two distinct eye-catching models and features premium materials such as 18K gold coating, snakeskin, pearl, and obsidian.

Part fashion accessory, part mini-organizer, MICA allows you to easily view your messages, Google* appointments, and Facebook* alerts straight from your wrist. Intelligent reminders powered by TomTom* will also calculate how long it will take to reach your next appointment and prompt you when it’s time to leave. MICA also comes with two exclusive apps by Refinery29 to keep you up to date on the stars – those on the red carpet for fashion and those in the sky for your horoscope.

Health & Fitness wearables to help keep us in shape

Thanks to the incorporation of smart sensors, wearables are now able to monitor the fitness levels and health of the wearer quickly and unobtrusively. Data that once required a health check-up to obtain can now be read with a simple glance at the wrist. The best part is you don’t even have to be a professional athlete or exercise fanatic to benefit from this technology. Even the amateur runner or cyclist can track his progress and work towards going faster and further with every session.

Basis Peak™ – The ultimate fitness and sleep tracker

Basis Peak’s Body IQ technology uses four unique sensors to automatically track your activities. Simply strap it on and let it calculate the distance you’ve covered, calories burnt, and your heart rate when you’re running, swimming, cycling, or even just walking.

What differentiates it though, is its ability to track your body even when you’re sleeping and provide insights into your sleeping patterns. These include data such as duration, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and how restless you are while asleep.

Find out more about the Basis Peak ›

Wearables hold tremendous promise to be the next big thing and are definitely a category to watch out for. Find out more about the latest Intel-powered wearables.

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