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5 great reasons to get an Intel® Compute Stick

It’s amazing how small computers are getting. Now, there’s even a dongle-sized device that puts a PC in the palm of your hand. Meet the Intel® Compute Stick – plug it into a TV and transform that screen into a computer!

While the Intel® Compute Stick looks like a normal flash drive, it’s what’s inside of it that’s truly remarkable. Just stick it into the TV’s HDMI slot and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a quad core Intel® Atom™ processor, 32GB of RAM, Micro SD slot and WiFi connectivity. It also comes with USB and Bluetooth ports for your keyboard and mouse to give you the PC experience on the big screen.1 Add it all together and you have a great companion device with all the basic features of your regular computer!

So what does this all mean? Here are 5 reasons to get the Intel® Compute Stick.

Get a smart TV without buying a smart TV!
Now you can enjoy all the cool features of a smart TV on a regular HD TV with just one small add-on. Simply plug in the Intel® Compute Stick and you can connect on social media, browse photo albums, surf the web, and even play games! That saves you money you could possibly use for a new sound system to make the experience better.

Experience online entertainment on the big screen
There’s nothing better than watching your favorite shows and movies on your home TV. With the Intel® Compute Stick, it becomes a media entertainment center. Now you can download or stream music or videos and play it with the Intel® Compute Stick. Imagine all those streaming sites from YouTube* to Netflix* available in Full HD!

No desk space? No problem
The Intel® Compute Stick gives you the large screen experience of a desktop PC without the need for a tower unit. It may be less performance focused but it’s great if you only need to connect to the Internet, write emails and do basic tasks. Just mount your screen on the wall, plug the stick in and you’re good to go!

Stay connected while you travel
Imagine travelling with a PC in your pocket. That’s what you get with the Intel® Compute Stick. Simply plug it into the hotel room’s HD screen, log on to the WiFi and you’ll be instantly connected to the Internet, work, and even your home. You don’t even need to bring along a charger, as there are no batteries required.

Familiar PC experience on the TV
The Intel® Compute Stick runs on Windows* 8 (with a free upgrade to Windows® 10) – that’s the same Operating System (OS) as many regular PCs. This means that if you’ve used Windows before, you already know how to use it. Just plug it in to access the Internet, watch videos or browse your photo albums in moments.

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Taking computing to new places
If you’re looking to get an Intel® Compute Stick now, you can find them at our shop.

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1. Intel technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No computer system can be absolutely secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer or learn more at www.intel.com.