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What's inside a computer?

From desktopsnotebooks to tablets, computers come in all shapes and sizes, but they have the same basic parts. Let’s learn about each part and what they do.

The brain of every computer; this determines how fast and powerful your computer can be.

This is your computer’s short-term memory for active tasks. With more RAM, you can do more things on your computer and your games will run smoother too!

Also called the hard drive, a hard disk is your computer’s long-term memory. This is where all of your photos, videos and files are stored. The more hard disk space you have, the more things you can keep. External hard disks can also be added if more space is needed.

This determines how great your computer’s visuals will be. The latest Intel processors now come with built-in visuals for HD movies and a more amazing gaming experience. You can also add a dedicated graphics card for playing 3D games.

Sometimes called optical drives, a disk drive reads CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-Ray discs – in case you ever want to watch a DVD or play music from CDs on your computer. There are also external Disc Drives that can be added on as an accessory.

Also called a screen, monitors are high quality screens that are great for watching movies, playing games and editing photos. Monitors come in standard sizes of 13” – 17” for notebooks, and 21” – 27” for desktops.

These ports allow your computer to communicate with other devices when plugged in through a cable. You can also connect your printers, external hard disks, cameras and smartphones to your computer through the USB ports.

Your computer connects to the Internet either through a LAN cable you plug in, or a wireless network connection. Aside from this, you can also use the wireless network to hook up your computer to other devices like printers and smartphones.