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7 accessories to go with your new work tablet

Tablets are increasingly designed with more built-in features^ and some people are using them as an alternative to work notebooks. Tablets may already be great on their own, but a few well-chosen accessories may help make them even better. Here are some accessories for you to consider to make your tablet more viable, especially for work!

One of the noticeable differences between a notebook and a tablet is the lack of a keyboard. A detachable keyboard makes typing on any tablet easier and more efficient. There are a wide variety of keyboards available; some come with a cover, some are super slim and some even look like a vintage typewriter!

Stands don’t only help prop up your tablet to make it easier to see what you’re working on; they’re also a great tool that make sharing your work with others easier.

Some stands even allow you to adjust the angle of your tablet to suit your viewing habits.

Tablets are already known for having a pretty amazing battery life#. However, it never hurts to be prepared. Getting an external battery pack for your tablet helps it last longer, especially on those long business trips.

You may find storage space lacking on your tablet. If so, this can be easily solved with an external hard drive. Getting one for your tablet either as a backup or to keep large media files like videos is essential if you’re using it for work!

Here’s another tool that makes writing on your tablet easier. This is especially useful if you tend to do a lot of writing or note taking as it gives you the ability to write quickly on the go like you would on a piece of paper.

Cases and covers help protect your tablet from scratches, spills and fall damage. Some are even so extreme they allow you to use your tablet under water, if you ever feel the need to. Point is, your tablet is an important work device and you don’t want to break it.

As much as work is going digital, printers are still important when you need a physical copy of your work. Thankfully, there are now tons of tablet-friendly printers now available and some are even small enough to carry around!

There are a lot of different accessories for tablets out there. Great accessories together with the right tablet makes using your tablet an even more amazing experience.

*Other names and brands may belong to others

^ Intel technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Learn more at intel.com, or from the OEM or retailer.

# Battery life may vary depending on hardware, software, operating conditions and system configurations. Please contact the respective device manufacturer for more information on battery life.