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2016-2017 Intel IT Annual Performance Report

Intel IT plays a pivotal role in providing the solutions and services that are accelerating Intel’s digital transformation. This report describes how we are transforming the way Intel’s businesses run and grow, increasing workforce productivity and experiences, delivering operational excellence, and promoting an engaged and innovative workforce—all executed against a backdrop of increased cybersecurity awareness.

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Social Collaboration and Mobile Computing

Ready for wireless collaboration with the Intel Unite® solution? Watch a quick video and learn about Intel IT's best practices for easily setting up smart conference rooms. Read the white paper to learn more details and get started transforming your environment.

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Intel IT finds that deploying Windows® 10 with the latest generation of Intel® architecture-based laptops brings new advancements in multitasking performance and battery life to Intel employees. We have accelerated our adoption of Windows® 10 as it is helping achieve key business objectives.

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As the industry evolves toward OS as a service, Intel IT is modifying several of our operating system deployment best practices to accommodate the emerging OS-as-a-service model, where OS updates are delivered continuously.

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Big Data, Analytics, and IoT

Intel IT, has unified the digital experience for Intel’s business-to-business (B2B) customers by eliminating unnecessary business processes and technical debt. Our efforts resulted in a streamlined, consistent end-to-end customer experience and increased revenue by USD 500 million.

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Intel and industry-wide organizations, are leading the effort to establish smart building standards and messaging protocols for non-manufacturing buildings that allow vendors to provide integrated solutions that can become as reliable, repeatable, and cost-effective as in Intel's smart factories.

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In today’s fast-paced business world, rapid, data-driven decisions are crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. This is especially important for Intel’s supply chain, which spans order-taking, resource procurement, manufacturing, testing, and final delivery of product.

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Cloud and Data Center Solutions

Intel IT has developed a groundbreaking new server architecture that significantly reduces upgrade costs and improves operational efficiency.

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Intel IT helps Intel boost sales and marketing efforts using optimized data mining and machine learning for accelerated insights.

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Intel IT study shows that private cloud hosts using an Intel® SSD for host swap cache, in a memory-constrained environment, were the most efficient.

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Enterprise Security

SaaS applications and services are increasing as they can provide efficiency and agility, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration especially with suppliers and customers. However, they can pose security issues. Intel IT developed several best practices that can help an enterprise minimize risk in the cloud.

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Intel IT is developing a beyond-the-edge security strategy that will enhance security in our environment. This new strategy addresses several drawbacks with today's approach to security.

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There is a lot of info out there about information security – but much of it is so abstract that it’s hard to put to use. In contrast, the Insider Threat Field Guide is a practical and comprehensive guide for protecting the enterprise against all forms of insider threat.

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Explore Transformative Technologies Further

Watch Intel on-demand webinars for more in-depth information and guidance on the emerging technologies that are transforming businesses in your industry.

With the advent of smart buildings, embedded solutions for retail and industrial settings, digital signage and digital surveillance, we are interconnected as never before. Intel webinars examine the latest smart technologies as they apply to business.

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Intel webinars offer you insights into the enterprise application of artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, virtualization, cloud computing and hybrid computing. Providing guidance for evolving, defining and implementing your Data Center strategy.

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Emerging technologies can bring improved productivity from a more agile workforce. Intel webinars explore powerful next-generation Intel processors, wireless offices, virtualization, mobile technology for your workforce, and more.

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IT Leadership

Intel IT Chief Information Security Officer Brent Conran discusses how, as technologies become smarter and more connected, the threat surface that we all must defend is expanding at an unprecedented speed. Cybersecurity is absolutely a top priority in boardrooms across every industry. How do we strike the right balance between security and the needs of the business?

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As Intel IT releases their 2016-2017 IT Annual Performance Report, Paula Tolliver Intel vice president and chief information officer discuss what drove her to join Intel, the future she sees for Information Technology and her plans to accelerate the pace of business through IT innovation.  

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Shesha Krishnapura, Intel IT chief technology officer, discusses how Intel IT has used design best practices to convert two wafer-fabrication facilities into high-density data centers with extreme energy efficiency.

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