Build Your POS Environment on a Scalable Foundation

Consistency is key to managing what has become a complex point of sale environment with many different types of POS systems and channels. From desktop to mobile POS to self-service, Intel® processors and technologies power the point of sale and deliver hardware-enhanced security to help encrypt and protect data.

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Deliver Personalized Experiences with Retail Analytics

Retail analytics reveal the shopper’s journey throughout the entire store. Finally, you can understand which marketing and merchandising strategies work—and which don’t. In the background, customer and store analytics work seamlessly from edge to cloud, delivering retail transformation through insights both in real time and over the long term.

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A Common Framework for POS Solutions

The Open Retail Initiative (ORI) supports open solutions that deliver greater value with components that can be interchanged easily. ORI promotes the free exchange of ideas in various industries with an open source approach, driving POS technological advances and flexibility.

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Integrating POS with Interactive Kiosks

Build solutions that support a wide range of self-service capabilities with POS integration into interactive kiosks.

Discover What Kiosks Can Do

Kiosks provide self-ordering and self-checkout, real-time information, personalized offers, and much more.

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Kiosk Use Cases

Explore how self-service kiosks are enhancing customer engagement and providing high-quality services across industries.

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Hardware to Deploy Self-Service Kiosks

Systems integrators can add value for banks and quick-service restaurants with kiosks that are secure, connected, and easy to manage.

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Making the Case for Kiosks

Help your clients make the case for self-service kiosks by showing them the potential for a strong return on investment.

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Solution Providers: Intel® Products and Technologies for POS

Build POS solutions on a trusted, reliable foundation of Intel® technology that supports every form factor.

Intel® Core™ Processors

Power POS systems on next-generation desktops and laptops with high speed and peak performance.

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Intel Atom® Processors

Ensure your mobile POS (mPOS) devices start faster, work longer, and support high-resolution 4K multimedia.

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Intel vPro® Platform

Enable remote management with processors on the Intel vPro® platform featuring Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).

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