Creativity and Team Collaboration Like Never Before

Whether in the classroom or the meeting room, bring people together and spark creative thinking with easy, streamlined experiences that encourage collaboration.

Technology to Power Collaboration

The latest interactive flat panel displays featuring Intel® technologies give you fast performance, ultrahigh definition (UHD) visuals, and remote management capabilities. And with the Intel Unite® solution, teams can come together no matter where they are to see, share, and interact with content.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive flat panel displays are all-in-one devices that combine collaboration tools and meeting management features into a touchscreen display for interactive whiteboarding, videoconferencing, screen sharing, and more. Participants can connect to these displays from their own devices or use multitouch capabilities to zoom, rotate, flick objects, and edit content right on the screen.

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Break Barriers with the Intel Unite® Solution

Imagine what can happen when students can learn from any classroom, or when the best teams can come together from anywhere in the world to solve business challenges. It’s possible with the Intel Unite® solution.

The Intel Unite® solution app enables real-time team collaboration among remote users. It’s easy to learn and integrates with popular collaboration platforms, so your educators and teams can make the most of their time. In one study, the Intel Unite® solution helped reduce meeting downtime by 15 percent.1

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Collaborative Classrooms Drive Active Learning

Interactive flat panel displays powered by Intel® processors help schools create modern classrooms that promote active learning and engagement.

Explore Collaboration Solutions for Education

New capabilities with analytics let you check attendance, customize content, and understand how well students are learning.

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Smart Classrooms Embrace the Digital Age

See how educators are creating collaborative classrooms and learning environments with interactive flat panel displays.

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Active Learning with Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Get students out of their chairs with a digital whiteboard solution that’s easy to set up, maintain, and integrate with other systems.

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Revolutionize Productivity with Collaborative Workspaces

Whether working face-to-face or remotely, teams can complete projects fast with easy-to-use collaborative workspace solutions. Interactive flat panel displays are designed to help participants start meetings quickly and share content seamlessly. The latest solutions integrate cameras, speakers, and analytics for additional capabilities.

Intel® Products and Technologies for Collaboration Solutions

Build solutions that empower face-to-face and remote collaboration and productivity on a foundation of trusted, reliable Intel® technologies.

Intel® Core™ Processors

Create dynamic collaborative experiences with ultrahigh definition (UHD) visuals and amazing performance.

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Intel vPro® Platform

Enable remote management with processors on the Intel vPro® platform featuring Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).

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Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM)

This specification and reference design enables ultraslim displays for a wide range of visual applications.

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Product and Performance Information

1The Total Economic Impact™ of the Intel Unite® Solution, Forrester, February 2019, commissioned by Intel.