Freight Management Powered by Intel with the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform

Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP)

Developed to offer near real-time asset tracking solutions for the logistics industry, Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP) is an IoT platform that uses battery operated smart wireless sensor devices to provide greater visibility into location, condition, and security of packages. By providing this improved insight into all points of the shipping process, companies can save time and money, as well as greater control over inventory levels.

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Advancing Supply Chain Connectivity with C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is the world’s largest third-party logistics provider, leveraging technology to enable the world’s commerce on a powerful supply chain platform. Learn how they used Intel® Connected Logistics Platform and Microsoft Azure IoT Central for real-time shipment location and status insights.

Freight Management Architecture

Lead your industry with architecture that delivers a scalable, secure, cost-effective, and intelligent solution that is built to monitor freight every step of the way.

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Use Cases

Case Study - Curry and Company

Case Study: Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP) enables tracking of perishable goods to deliver the freshest produce.

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High-Value Goods

Empowered by data, Intel solutions help manage high-value goods by leveraging geo-fencing, tamper notification, and light sensitivity.

Trailer/Container Tracking

Understand the location of items throughout their entire journey with GPS location tracking that monitors critical data.

Cloud Compatibility

Put your data to work with secure intelligence from device to cloud. Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP) is compatible with cloud leaders, including Amazon Web Services* (AWS) and Microsoft Azure*.


Continuous Monitoring for Shipments

Reference Guide: Describes Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP) specs and how it helps regain control of your shipments.

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Transform Data to Action with Intel® CLP

White Paper: Get details for implementing Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP) to deliver customer insights.

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Intel® Edge Controls for Industrial

With Intel® Edge Controls for Industrial, businesses can control manufacturing like never before. Delivering a software reference platform with compatible hardware, this solution integrates real-time deterministic compute, standards-based connectivity, and IT-like management with operational technology (OT)–like predictability.

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Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Automation Technology

Intel provides the building blocks for industrial IoT solutions that bring intelligence to machines, buildings, supply chains, factories, electrical grids, and more.


Arrow Electronics Inc

Arrow Electronics, an Alliance Partner and Authorized Intel® Distributor (IAD), develops technology solutions to help design, build, validate and deliver new technologies for the rail, maritime and other transport industries.

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