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Intel® Infrastructure DSP Solution

Optimized telephony and VoIP solution from Intel

Previous generations of embedded Intel® processors may not be supported by Intel. Refer to the comprehensive embedded processor and chipset roadmap for products backed by Intel’s seven-year extended lifecycle support.

Software Package/Documentation

Software packages
Download versions
  Foundation library 1.1
  Codec library 1.1
  HSS driver 1.1
The following software packages are delivered without support
  SLIC codec driver 1.1
  Codelets (example applications) 1.1
  Linux patches for Intel® IXDPG425 Network Gateway Reference Platform 1.1
  Release notes 1.1 (PDF 332KB)
1.2 (PDF 318KB)
  Programmers guides 1.1 (PDF 710KB)
1.2 (PDF 657KB)
  API reference manuals 1.1 (PDF 396KB)
1.2 (PDF 381KB)
  Solutions demo guides 1.1 (PDF 504KB)
1.2 (PDF 349KB)
  USCI interface definition 5.2.3 (PDF 505KB)
  Migration guide for legacy software users 1.1 (PDF 347KB)

Additional Resources

Product highlights
Widely deployed Intel® Infrastructure DSP Solution derives from widely and globally deployed VoIP solutions based on the legacy Intel® IXP400 DSP Software
Scalable, modular architecture and plug ability Intel Infrastructure DSP Solution features a modular architecture with ability to plug in supported codecs and functionalities
Example code to jump-start your development
Intel Infrastructure DSP Solution provides example applications, also known as "codelet," that can expedite the development of final user applications
Software and support
  Intel® Premier Support