How to Group Video Chat Using Your PC

Video chat with people you know—one on one or in a group. What you'll need:
• PC or Mac
• Webcam
• Microphone and speakers
• High-speed Internet connection
• Video chat software.

Sign up for an account with your favorite video chat software. Have your friends and family sign up for a similar account. Add your picture to your profile so your friends know who's calling. S...earch for your friends by name or email address. Add them to your contact list for easy and quick calling. Click on a friend's contact to start a chat. Once you are chatting with one person, start a chat with another friend for group chatting. Send text and send files to the people with whom you're chatting. Stay in touch with family and friends. Use group chat for homework sessions. Musicians can use it to practice with each other. Use it to whiteboard and brainstorm new ideas in real time.