Empower Healthcare Workers With Mobile Solutions

Improve clinical decision making and operational efficiencies with mobile devices that support real-time collaboration across multidisciplinary healthcare teams.

Intel-powered mobile health solutions allow healthcare providers to:

  • Optimize clinical operations, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity through more complete access to, and use of, patient data.

  • Reduce errors and duplication of services through improved documentation and management of patient data.

  • Effectively communicate information such as treatment options, care plans, or test results to patients.


Keep healthcare workers flexible and collaborative with mobile solutions enabling better patient care and lower costs.

In an increasingly value-driven and consumer-centric healthcare environment, healthcare systems are eager to adopt solutions that improve care while lowering costs. With lightweight mobile devices powered by 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, clinicians can securely access, update, and share electronic medical records and other patient data anytime, anywhere. Fast access to information can result in more effective and efficient communication and collaboration, and support evidence-based clinical decision making.

Intel-powered mobile health solutions deliver the performance necessary to seamlessly stream virtual applications or run native applications as a desktop would. With Thunderbolt™ 3 technology, healthcare workers can use a single docking solution that enables fast charging and screen connectivity.

Intel Unite® software provides a secure, wireless platform for sharing content from a device to a large screen for collaboration during meetings and consultations. Nuance Dragon Medical 360* software speech-to-text solution accurately captures patient information from clinicians into the EMR without the need for human scribe.

Intel® Active Management Technology allows IT to patch systems, deploy software updates, wipe hard drives if a device is lost or stolen, and repair operating systems from a remote central console. These integrated management tools can reduce company liability and eliminate issues that could cause device downtime.

Hospitals that equip their mobile workers with these tools will be positioned to cut costs, deliver better service, better engage patients, and thrive in an evolving marketplace.