FAQ Technical Support and Documentation

Technical Support and Documentation

1.  Where can customers download the latest Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Driver (Intel® EMGD), FAQ, software product feature matrix, user guide, product brief, and specification update?

Multiple locations are available to obtain this technical information: 

  • Intel EMGD Downloads page: Contains links to download the latest software.
  • Intel EMGD Documentation page: Contains links to download the latest feature matrix, user guide, specification update, and product brief for Intel EMGD.
  • Intel® Premier Support: Contains a link to download the latest software and the Intel EMGD Specification Update (Errata); however, the site requires a login and password.

2.  How will the Intel® Embedded Graphics Drivers team support us?

Intel supports our customers through the traditional Intel Premier Support mechanism via the Intel Premier Support application (requires login and password) along with a network of distributors and direct sales staff and field applications engineers.

The Intel® Embedded Community connects you with other embedded developers and Intel technical support personnel. Get questions answered, respond to peers, and share your ideas. For software and tools blogs, resources, and discussions, visit Intel Embedded Community's software page.

3.  Overall, what percentage of Intel EMGD customers use Linux*?

Concrete percentages of Intel EMGD customers using Linux fluctuate quarterly.

Download data from the Intel Premier Support and from the Intel Download Center shows that more than 60 percent of Intel EMGD downloads were installed on Windows*-based systems.

The remaining Intel EMGD downloads from Intel Premier Support and the Intel® Embedded Design Center (Intel® EDC) were installed on systems using various officially supported Intel EMGD and Linux distribution packages.