Intel® ISX Form Factor Reference Design

Reduce development time and cost with Intel® modular board design

Intel® Modular Board Design

The Intel® Intelligent System Extended Form Factor Reference Design (Intel® ISX Form Factor Reference Design) is a reference design file that provides the core section modular board design (MBD) of the board layout that can be placed directly into an embedded design, saving substantial development time.

  • About 70 percent of the layout is already completed by using Intel ISX Form Factor Reference Design.
  • The MBD portion provides full routing of processor, memory, Platform Controller Hub (PCH), if applicable, and processor voltage regulator (VR).
  • The MBD design file provides the critical routing traces between the architecture silicon and memory, in addition to the main routing traces to associated components.
  • The reference design provides the Intel® architecture pro­cessing performance required for digital signage, information kiosks, and other space-constrained embedded applications.

Flexible options  

You can adopt Intel® ISX Form Factor Reference Design exactly at the board or system level—or adopt and modify the reference design to meet custom requirements.

Adopt exactly

Simplifies development and speeds time-to-market. Board and system-level designs are already completed.

Adopt and modify

Incorporate the Intel® ISX Form Factor Reference Design into custom designs to gain benefits of Intel® architecture, including superior performance-per-watt, low total cost of ownership, and efficient scalability.  

Intel® ISX Form Factor Reference Design lets you quickly complete product designs within a framework that brings together hardware, operating systems, tools, and software to provide connectivity, manageability, and security in a consistent and scalable manner.