Unleash Student Creativity and Performance

Bring creativity and immersive education experiences to the classroom with the high performance, portability, and compatibility of 2 in 1s and laptops.

Why Choose Laptops for Your Classroom?

Give your students speed and performance that drives their learning experience further. Bring laptops into your classroom for a full-featured platform designed for education.

  • Offline functionality allows students to work without connectivity.
  • Peripheral ports enable the widest range of connectivity to other devices.
  • Immersive visuals bring education applications, software, and multimedia to life.
  • Rugged cases come ready for the rough-and-tumble school day.
  • High performance and power keep students up to speed.

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Why Choose 2 in 1 Devices for Your Classroom?

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach and bring a blend of powerful performance, fun, and mobility into your classroom. With features designed for learning, Intel® Education 2 in 1 devices meet the needs of teachers and students.

  • Versatility brings a mobile tablet and powerful laptop to any classroom—in one device.
  • Thin, lightweight design improves mobile learning.
  • Touch capabilities and pen input make education engaging.
  • Intel® Rapid Start Technology gets students working right away.
  • Built-in identity and theft protection keep students safe and devices manageable.

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Resources to Help You Select the Right Device

Tips for Choosing the Right Device

Find help to guide your comprehensive evaluation of your environment, manageability and functionality needs, and cost considerations.

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Recommendations by Age

This guide explores technology usage scenarios by age and offers advice on which devices are best suited for teaching and learning needs.

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Balancing Screen Time and Learning

When it comes to how much is too much screen time, consider the quality of the content being viewed as well as the potential benefits.

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Tips for Digital Pens and Touch Screens

Explore the many different ways teachers and students can interact with a mobile device and how students of all ages benefit from digital pens and touch screens.

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The Right Device for Learning and Teaching

Find the right device for your learning environments with solutions that meet your students’ needs across teaching and learning budgets, manageability and deployment, and device functionality.

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Technology for Learning and Teaching

An empowering approach to education keeps the focus on students and equips educators with the right technology for their classrooms to enable all students with meaningful learning experiences.

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