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Projects in Action

Projects in Action

A Shift to Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is one instructional approach in a teacher’s repertoire. While it is effective with giving students important 21st-century skills and connecting ideas across subject areas, it is not the only approach for teaching all skills and knowledge. Teachers who move to project-based instruction face challenges as they shift from traditional practices. 

Changing Roles >
Read about the change in roles for teachers and students as they move to technology-supported projects in the classroom.

Broadening Relationships >
Learn how relationships grow inside the classroom to the local community and to the broader world with project work.

Evolving Views >
See how assessment, classroom organization, and time are viewed from a different perspective in a project-based environment.

Anatomy of a Project Plan

Read how teachers overcome challenges of changing classroom practice:

Primary P/K-2 >

Primary 3-5 >

Middle Years 6-8 >

Senior Secondary 9-12 >