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Designing Effective Projects

Project-Based Units to Engage Students

Teachers have always used each other for good ideas to improve their instruction. The Designing Effective Projects resource includes a collection of exemplary unit plans that integrate technology into classroom projects. Most of the units were developed by teachers participating in the Intel® Teach professional development program. The program emphasizes curriculum development that aligns to standards/syllabus outcomes and promotes higher-order thinking using curriculum framing questions, authentic project tasks, effective instructional strategies, and assessment. The Designing Effective Projects resources provides a foundation for good planning and supports you in adapting these project-based units or developing your own from scratch.

Project Design

Project Design ›
Learn about effective use of project approaches across the curriculum and year levels. See how well-designed curriculum framing questions keep projects focused on important learning goals. Find good ideas for assessing projects and keeping students on track during project work. Follow planning guidelines to help you target standards/syllabus outcomes and assess student products and performances.

Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills ›
Review what current research says about higher-order thinking and what this looks like in primary and secondary classrooms.

Unit Plan Index

Unit Plan ›
Examine technology-rich unit plans you can use right away, or as models for your own planning.

Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies ›
Learn about adapting several ‘ideas worth borrowing’, to engage students and meet your program goals.

Designing Effective Projects

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