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Learn about the features of the Intel® Education Assessing Projects application—a place to create new assessments by searching, selecting, and modifying examples from a library of assessments of 21st century skills.  You can build and save your own from scratch or modify assessments that address skills such as problem solving, self-direction, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Demo >
Use the demo to explore the Assessment Library and examine checklists, rubrics, and scoring guides on thinking skills, processes, products, and performances.

Tutorial >
See how features of the Assessing Projects application work:

  1. Browse and search the library to find assessments
  2. Modify checklists, rubrics, and scoring guides from the Assessment Library to meet your needs
  3. Copy traits or items from other assessments
  4. Create an assessment from scratch
  5. Manage the Personal Library
  6. Export an assessment to a colleague or to your personal computer

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