Top five tech gifts your kids will love

Buying gifts for kids can be tricky, but this list will create a sure-fire way to give your kids a gift that they will love.

Buying gifts for kids can be tricky. What they want changes constantly, the older they get the more expensive their requests and not to mention the fact that when it comes to technology, you can often be left buying devices you’re unsure how to use.

Only to see your children deftly set them up and use them easily.

Buying tech gifts that your kids really want can be a great option, as long as they get really good use out of them and learn a lot from them. These five tech gifts are ones not only your kids will love, but they’ll tick every parenting box: affordable, useful and high up on the “cool factor” scale.

Mother of three, Jo Abi gives us her top five tech gift picks for kids this Christmas.

1. Docking Station
"Before discovering docking stations my life was a sea of chargers. We were constantly fighting over chargers, searching for chargers and trying to keep tabs on which charger we’d plugged each of our devices into. A couple of docking stations changed all of that and changed our lives for the better. Now we can plug multiple devices into our docking station and know exactly where all of our devices are.

I bought one for the kids and one for the grown ups.

There are lots of different types so you don’t have to spend a fortune. I bought the ones that look like powerboards except you plug chargers into them via USB connections. You only need one wall charger. Or you can get fancier ones that hold each device up into separate compartments which are more expensive and take up more room but are pretty great if you have the room and the money."

2. Selfie phone kit
"Before selfies I had a lot of photos of my kids and none of me with my kids. Now at pretty much every function my husband and I end up with a series of cute photos of us with our kids thanks to the invention, adoption and embracing of the selfie. We were late to the selfie party but we sure are partying hard!

By purchasing a selfie phone kit you can make sure your selfies are really good quality, and using a selfie stick means you can hold the phone further away from you and fit more people in. Most selfie phone kits include an extendable selfie stick, a bluetooth remote control and a universal phone holder. Others add in a tripod and other gadgets you didn’t even know you needed."

3. Phone case
"We’ve only recently graduated from low quality phone cases with cartoons on them – but it took quite a few tears and smashed screens to get there I’m sorry to say. Now I’ve not only put safety glass on ALL of my children’s devices, but I’ve also invested in excellent cases so that if they do drop them, the damage is minimal. The safety glass is key. It costs only $20-$40 and is applied on the spot at most phone repair stands. Then you can choose from some excellent phone cases such as those made out of silicon.

I think the rubbery-ness of the phone cases gives them some bounce when they hit the ground which they tend to do often."

4. Go-Pro camera
"My son hassled and hassled and hassled me for a Go-Pro camera and I can safely say that it is one of the best gifts I have ever given him. Instead of being glued to his device all day, sitting down or lying down for hours on end, he got out into the world and started filming videos of himself riding his bike, skateboarding, running and climbing a tree.

He got his brother and sister involved and they started filming all sorts of crazy things in our backyard, and he’d edit them using iMovies and we’d sit down together and watch them as a family. He once filmed himself walking to and from the shops Pokemon hunting until I pointed out that he’d led everyone directly to our doorstep. He took that one off his YouTube channel which now boasts eight subscribers, only two of whom are relatives (the rest are friends)."

5. Polaroid camera
"The one complaint my children share when it comes to their devices is that they are constantly running out of room to take photos. Their other complaint is that I always forget to print off the photos they want to give to friends or need to bring to school. Polaroid cameras have solved all of that for me. They come is lots of really great, bright colours and kids just love, love, love them.

I didn’t realise polaroid cameras had made a comeback until I went to my step-daughter-in-law’s bridal shower and she instructed us all to take photos together and stick them straight into her notebook where we had to write down some marriage advice. Now with my kids they are taking lots of photos (as fast as I can buy film) and using them to create stories and fill photo albums. I can’t bring myself to throw any of their photos out, even the ones taken of a patch of grass or a blur kids jumping on the trampoline."

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