How to let Santa do the leg work on next year’s Back to School shopping

Back to School shopping lists can often be lengthy and expensive. This year, we propose that Santa does the heavy lifting with the shopping and gifting of presents that children will need after the school holidays.

Christmas is nearly upon us which means it’s time to get shopping for the kids. While your Christmas shopping list is normally separate to your back to school shopping list, this year why not make them one and the same? Instead of the usual toys, clothes and pool noodles being placed under the tree, why not gift the kids with presents they will need when the school bell rings in 2017. Not only will your tech-savvy kids love their gifts, you’ll save yourself another expensive trip to the shops come January.

Let’s start by tackling your kid’s stockings which are usually filled with cheap, fun items that don’t serve much of a purpose. The whoopee cushion was funny for about five minutes; the plastic harmonica hasn’t been played since 2010 and CDs have become archaic for everyone but Great Aunt Jen. This year you’d be wise to invest in some decent tech goodies for your child’s stocking. A USB flash drive is great for backing up their school work, a second phone or tablet charger is handy for when the original gets misplaced and a Bluetooth ergonomic mouse will help them complete their homework without getting a sore thumb. Round out their back-to-school-themed stocking with stationery and a Google Play gift card so they can load up their devices with great educational apps.

Now onto the gift suggestions for Nanna and Pop. When relatives ask what your kids would like for Christmas, suggest something useful for school like a durable device case. It’s soul-destroying when your child returns from school to present you with the broken screen of their brand-new phone, tablet or laptop. A hard-wearing, drop-proof and shock absorbent case will save a lot of money and tears when your child’s device inevitably falls out of their half-zipped backpack. Another great gift suggestion for the relatives is an external hard drive, a laptop friendly backpack or some Bluetooth speakers.

When contemplating your child’s main gift from Santa (aka Mum and Dad), it all comes down to your child’s age and what they need for their school level. A new tablet or laptop is always a great idea, especially if your child’s device is looking a little dated and worse for wear. Another good option are some noise cancelling wireless headphones which are extremely popular at the moment. Wireless headphones are not just for fueling your child’s R&B or pop obsession, they’re also great for helping your kids block out the outside world when studying, completing homework or watching educational videos. If you’re a skillful negotiator, you might even be able to borrow them when you travel long haul and inevitably get seated next to a snorer. There is a wide variety of noise cancelling wireless headphones on the market to suit a variety of budgets.

Smart watches are not just for adults, there are some great options for kids and they make fantastic gifts. A lot of the smart watches on the market allow parents to view their kid’s location via an app thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and GPS while others encourage kids to be more active by tracking their activity. While a smart watch is not a back to school essential it may give you peace of mind if your kids walk to and from school without you. Also, your child will have heaps of fun playing with it and uploading pics and videos to their computer at the end of the day.

The benefit of a lot of technology gifts is that they can cross over from educational aids to help kids enjoy time out and a bit of fun. So, it seems like the logical choice to fill your Christmas shopping list with some back to school tech essentials. Let Santa do the heavy lifting and spend January far away from the shops. 

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