The best tech stocking stuffers

All of the fun, small tech accessories that can be used as stocking stuffers this Christmas.

This Christmas, skip out on the mini cactus plant you were eyeing off, and get your family something they’ll actually use.

Old, young, male, or female; tech accessories make a great gift. Whether it’s a portable charger or a super-slick iPhone case, we all appreciate the bits and pieces that keep our beloved gadgets safe.

Here are our top five picks for nifty tech stocking stuffers for this year.

Portable Speaker

Those who own a portable speaker will be the first to tell you that they are priceless.

From picnics in the park to surround sound whilst laying in the bath, these little babies are worth their weight in gold.

We love this UE orange and blue Portable Bluetooth Speaker from JB Hi Fi, $179.00

Wireless Mouse
Given that most of us are working from a laptop or even tablet these days, the humble mouse is completely underused.

Ergonomically shaped for easy use, a wireless mouse will make long hours on your laptop so much easier. Coffee shop? Nope. Office.

We love this colourful Logitech Wireless Mouse from JB Hi Fi, $69.00

Personalised Phone Case
Bring some serious glamour to Christmas this year with a cute iPhone case embossed with their initials. It won’t only protect the phone, but bring some major Vogue Editor style to the table, too.

We love this navy Embossed iPhone Cover from Mon Purse, $59.00

Wireless Headphone
If you’re buying for someone who exercises a lot, a set of wireless headphones are going to be the best gift you can give. Without any pesky wires, they can sync the earbuds up to their phone and hit the pavement.

We love these Ink’s Wireless Earbuds by Skull Candy on Amazon, $33.00

Tile Tracker
We all have that one person in our family who loses, well, everything. The Tile Tracker is going to be life changing: a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app attached to keys, wallet, anything - and helps you find them in seconds. Choose from a one pack, or four pack for those particularly forgetful.

We love the Tile Tracker, starting from $25.00

Enjoy shopping for your tech gadgets this Christmas, and good luck resisting buying one for them….and one for yourself, too!

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