What type of device suits your child?

When it comes to choosing a device for your child, many parents become confused about which one is best for their child. 

Devices have many benefits and drawbacks and it can be a minefield trying to sort through all the information to make the right choice. Here are some suggestions on which devices may suit different children, based on their personalities.

The Artist
If you’ve noticed your child has an interest in art, the right device can help nurture and educate their passion and you’d be amazed at what they can achieve on a device.

Tablets may be a great option for artistic children with apps like pro-create (available for tablets in the app stores) allowing the user to do anything they could do with a traditional paintbrush, pen, pencil and more. The options are endless, with many professional artists choosing to use the app to create their masterpieces. Let your child view appropriate YouTube* tutorials to use the device and the apps in ways they may not have considered.

Many of these devices can also be paired with a wireless pen device which is great for creativity and artistic creations, without the mess!

If your child is interested in photography, look for a device with clear screen resolution. Typically, iPad* with retina display is beneficial, however many people feel that laptops offer greater usability in programs like Adobe Photoshop* and editing suites.

The Clumsy Child
If you’ve got a bit of a klutz on your hands, it’s understandable that the school’s request for BYOD (bring your own device) might give you heart palpitations. But there are some devices which may be better suited to kids who seem to find accidents.

Laptops with durable hard shells might be the best option for kids in this category, over a lighter thinner device like an ultraportable. Whichever one you choose, make sure you invest in a solid case, such as one by LifeProof*, which is waterproof, dust proof and drop proof to give you some peace of mind. It also might be worth looking for one where you can add additional warranties or protection to cover you if anything happens.

The Forgetful Child
If your child is always forgetting their belongings, it’s understandable that you might be apprehensive about giving them their own device to look after. But rest assured, there are some clever ways to make sure you don’t spend your afternoons searching for lost devices.

Look for a device which allows you to track its location via software, meaning that you’ll always be able to see exactly where it is. Alternatively, you can also look at attaching a ‘tile’ tracker to a laptop or tablet which again, allows you to locate it should it go missing. 

The Tech Wiz
If your little one is a bit of a brainiac, they can probably educate you on what kind of device they need and how to use it. Generally, however, laptops offer more in terms of functionality as well as enhanced gaming for those with an interest.

However, it’s wise to keep in mind that technology is evolving and many apps now available for tablets can rival laptop-based programs enough for most people. If your child is interested in technology, it might be worth looking for a device which is compatible with other devices such as watches, home computers, phones (if they have one or you plan to get one for them down the track). Having a device which works with others will allow them to use all features to the full extent. 

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