Preparing Your Child for the Digital Future

Read the tips, tricks, hacks and inside info on all things kids and tech.

Top five tech gifts your kids will love

Top tech gifts to give your kids.

Getting your kids back to school ready

Tips and tricks for how to get your kids back to school ready and prepared.

The best tech stocking stuffers

All of the fun, small tech accessories that can be used as stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Best tech accessories to buy during a sale

Guide of all the tech accessories that should always be bought on sale.

Let Santa handle the Back to School shopping

Let Santa do the heavy lifting with the shopping and gifting of presents that kids will need after the school holidays.

Back-to-school technology for all ages

Different tech options that are relevant to each age group and stage requirements.

The Essential 2017 BYOD Checklist

Answers to questions that you may have about how to choose the best device for your child to bring to school.

Buying devices for your kids? Ask them

Purchasing a device for school requires a lot of thought from parents, but it’s also a great opportunity to get your kids involved.

Tablets vs Laptops. What’s right for your child?

We’ll help you decide what kind of device is the best option for your child by breaking down the features and benefits of each.

What type of device suits your child?

Whether your child is The Artist, The Clumsy, The Forgetful or The Tech Wiz, there’s a device out there that suits them perfectly.

2017’s Biggest Trends

Keep in the loop with the newest technological trends for kids transitioning from primary to high school.

Six questions for your child’s school

Five areas that you should know when it comes to why devices are used in schools and how they help children to learn.

Making your Wi-Fi password work for you

Get educated on the power of the Wi-Fi password and learn practical tips and tricks to take control of your internet and device usage.

Lost in lingo: Translating tech talk for parents

Demystify the meaning behind common tech lingo and understand how the featured programs or functionalities impact your child’s device usage.

Ending the battle over screen-time

Practical tips for navigating how to manage your child’s device use in a positive and constructive manner.

Five ways to kid-proof your new device

Five top-tips for making your device child-friendly and child-proof.

Learn about online safety for kids - in 2 minutes

In this easy to digest, straightforward guide we’ll detail everything you need to know keep your kids safe online.

Teach your child the most important second language

Programming is the literacy of the digital age so learning how to code is one of the best things a child can do.

Upgrading as you advance a grade: High School

What you can expect your child to need when it comes to high school.

Responsibility around devices

How to talk to your kids to help them understand that they have a responsibility to look after their device.

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Making Your Bed Everyday Can Change Your Life

Does making your bed before you've had your coffee make you want to crawl back under the covers? This is why you should start.

Genius App to Make Your Children Enjoy Chores

If your kids are refusing to do their chores, you should download the OurHome app.

Teach Kids to Love and Respect Social Media

How a parent found a way to help her teenage daughters love and respect social media.

Six Types of School Volunteer Parents

There are politics surrounding school volunteers. There are also types of school volunteers. So figure out which one you are and embrace it.

A Teacher Discusses the Worst Behaviour of Parents

Find out how you can avoid making the worst parenting move of all time.

How Kids Fool Parents When Using Technology

Get savvy on all the common tricks kids may be using to fool parents when using technology.


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