Accelerating Innovative Solutions for Education

Our goal at the Intel® Education Accelerator is to help passionate and committed education, technology and business professionals advance educational excellence with mentorship, funding and insights.

Helping edtech start-ups grow

The Intel Education Accelerator Program seeks out start-up companies who share our passion for educational excellence. Each year we work with a number of eligible Edtech companies to help them grow from initial Angel funding and working beta product to become a transformative company striving to change education for student success.

The application phase for the 2016 Education Accelerator Program is now closed. The application phase for the 2017 program will be available in the early 2017.


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GSVlabs, Innovation Lab partner for the Intel Education Accelerator Program, offers a creative center set in Silicon Valley that supports a diverse community of founders and ideas to drive innovation. Collaborate with other great minds on a mission to transform the world of education in a fully operational, dedicated Intel workspace for an immersive experience that will empower your boldest ideas.

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