Upgrade Your OS with Confidence on New Computers. What Are You Waiting For?

Has your company upgraded to the Windows* 10 Pro operating system? If not, it’s important to consider migrating now, as Windows* 7 will reach end-of-support in January 2020.

Thankfully, there’s a smart, convenient solution: Update your new operating system with new PCs. A new computer with Intel hardware, such as 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Optane™ memory, delivers a big jump in performance compared with older computers.

You can expect serious productivity gains on new Windows* 10 Pro devices with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Optane™ memory, such as up to 2.5x better performance compared to a 5-year-old PC. Multitasking speeds will be up to 2.3x faster.

This investment also happens to be good for business. New computers with Windows* 10 Pro are more secure, and an old PC could cost up to $17,000 a year in productivity costs.

For better security, performance, and the right computer suited to your business, now is the time to upgrade your PCs.

Upgrade Your PCs and Your Bottom Line

When migrating to Windows* 10, Pro, help keep costs down and productivity up by replacing your old hardware with new PCs powered by the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.

Drive business with new PCs

Find the PCs that Fit Your Needs

No matter your business, the best way to migrate to Windows* 10 Pro is on new PCs.

Drive business with new PCs

New Tax Laws Benefit New PC Purchases

Recent changes to tax laws are making new PCs an even better investment for businesses of every size.

Take advantage now