Deploy Next Generation Storage with Confidence

Intel® VMD1 enables hot swap replacement of NVMe* SSDs from the PCIe bus without shutting down the system while standardized LED management helps provide quick identification of SSD status. This commonality brings enterprise reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features to NVMe* SSDs, enabling you to deploy next-generation storage with confidence.

Minimize Service Interruptions

High performance next generation storage is built from NVMe* SSDs. One of the reasons these SSDs are so much more responsive is because they are much closer to the Intel® processor than ever before – right on the PCIe bus. Servicing these drives means pulling them directly from the nucleus of the system, and with Intel® VMD this can now be done online without a service outage.

Improve Uptime and Serviceability

Intel® VMD is technology on to root ports of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which redirects NVMe* SSD insertion and removal PCIe bus events to storage aware drivers. These events previously had to be handled, with varying degrees of success, by a combination of system BIOS and Operating System. Intel® VMD ensures a smooth add and removal of NVMe* drives from the PCIe bus, ensuring uptime and serviceability.

Identify Drives with Light

Having the ability to hot plug an NVMe* SSD isn’t enough. You have to be able to determine which drive to service in a sea of thousands of drives in just a single data center aisle. Intel® VMD also supports the activation of the status LED on the NVMe* SSDs. This is critical to knowing which drive needs serviced. This drive light specification (SFF-8489) has existed for years supporting SAS and SATA devices through a Host Bus Adaptor (HBA). Intel® VMD brings this functionality to NVMe* SSDs.

Implement Ecosystem-Wide Enablement

Intel® VMD is a robust solution to NVMe* SSD hot plug, but its unique value is that Intel is sharing this technology across the ecosystem. Intel® VMD has been made available to the ecosystem which includes; system OEMs/ODMs, BIOS writers, PCIe switch vendors, SSD vendors, and OS and ISV vendors.

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