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Scale to meet the demands on your network in the data-centric era. Accelerate high-priority applications, packet processing, and latency-sensitive workloads with the Intel® Ethernet portfolio.

Intel® Ethernet 800 Series

The 800 Series introduces new controllers and adapters with 10/25, 50, and 100Gbps speeds, multiple form factors (PCIe and OCP NIC 3.0), and broad OS support. All 800 Series products include ADQ, DDP and support both iWARP and RoCEv2 RDMA, selectable via software per port for low-latency, high-throughput workloads.

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Versatility and Flexibility for the Data Center

100Gb Intel Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters help reduce complexity for port-constrained network environments. The Ethernet Port Configuration Tool (EPCT) enables physical port configurations to be changed quickly, and as often as needed.

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Simplicity for Timing Synchronization from the Cloud to the 5G Edge

Growth in 5G RAN and edge deployments is driving demand for high precision timing synchronization across the network. The standards-based PCIe, Intel Ethernet Network Adapter E810-XXVDA4T, with integrated GNSS module and onboard oscillator, supports 1588 PTP and SyncE, to deliver high-precision timing synchronization from the cloud to the 5G edge.

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Scale IT Up to Make the Most of Your Network

See how the right combination of products can maximize the throughput of Ethernet networks.


Learn about Intel® Ethernet Network Adapters that support this exciting new standard that expands server networking capabilities beyond the PCIe form factor.

Simplify Migration to 10GbE

Understand the advantages of migrating from 1 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. In this video, field expert Gary Gumanow shares key considerations and tips to simplify migration using 10GBASE-T.

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