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The 5 Best Movie Websites

Do you love movies so much that you want to be able to watch them anywhere you are? You’re in luck. There are literally dozens of movie web sites that have enough content to keep you busy for quite some time. But first, you’ll need to make sure your technology is up to snuff with the demands of rapidly streaming video. To get your hands on the laptop or tablet that’ll keep up with your demand for a high-quality viewing experience on the go, take a look at our Intel Product Finder. Then, check out the cool movie web sites below to ensure your access to literally thousands of streaming flicks.


  • Netflix*: The standard-bearer for all online streaming movie services, Netflix wrote the rule book for the delivery of high definition entertainment through fiber optics. As a result of being the trailblazer that started it all, Netflix boasts a constantly growing library of thousands of movies at a monthly cost that’s a fragment of what you’d pay if you were to pay individually elsewhere. Netflix also offers original programming made exclusively for Netflix and has plans to expand on that even further.
  • Crackle*: If you like free movies and you don’t mind putting up with commercial breaks, Crackle is certainly a movie streaming web site you’ll want to investigate. In addition to offering uncensored movies at zero cost, it’s also a place where you can catch up with your favorite TV shows and watch all original content available only through Crackle.
  • YouTube*: For years, YouTube has been the premiere free hosting web site for all manner of video content, both homemade and professional. But it’s never been a good place to watch copyrighted movies, until now. In addition to all the free cat videos your eyes can handle, YouTube also offers a streaming, on-demand movie rental. In addition to that, you also have the option of buying a digital copy of a movie.
  • Hulu*: Originally known for its far bigger choice in streaming TV programming, Hulu has come a long way recently in catching up with other web sites that appeal to movie buffs. It’s also made leaps and bounds to ensure the technology is in place to offer Hulu on just about every platform you can possibly think of, from desktops to tablets to smart phones. To get the most out of Hulu, you need to sign up for Hulu Plus, which comes with a small monthly subscription fee.
  • iTunes*: Though many people may already use this program to access their digital media, iTunes is another prime-choice platform boasting a huge library of movies that you can buy and download immediately. Although it’s an Apple platform, iTunes can be used on any device regardless of its operating system, from iOS* to Windows*.

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