A View Like No Other

Intel® 360 Replay technology captures every moment from every angle, using a system of HD cameras and Intel®-based servers to create an immersive 3D rendering of the most action-packed plays.


cameras surround the venue

Don't Miss A Moment

With more than thirty 5K cameras surrounding each venue, Intel® 360 Replay technology delivers the clearest high-def images possible. This technology uses voxels (pixels with volume) to render replays in spectacular 3D, creating a multi-perspective view of key moments.


of data processed per replay

The Ultimate Perspective in Real-Time

The only things faster than the game are the computers recording it. Intel® servers and a proprietary data algorithm quickly process incredible amounts of data to create a volumetric image of the game. The result is a seamlessly rendered Intel® 360 Replay.

Powerful Processing

Amazing experiences require incredible computing power. Intel® server farms process the massive amounts of volumetric data used to reconstruct key moments of the game in 3D.

Transforming the World of Sports

Intel is changing the way people watch and experience games. Our technology can capture every play from every angle, give you access to data behind the game, and create cutting-edge entertainment unlike anything you've seen before.

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Experience real-time data and on-screen analytics of the most incredible action in the most amazing sports.

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Discover a revolutionary way to experience live events. Intel® True VR delivers real-time stats and multiple points of view within an amazing 360 environment.

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