Drive in the Fast Lane

Up your game with Intel® Solid State Drives

Speed Reinvented

Level up your gaming system so it can keep up with you. Intel® SSDs offer performance and overall system responsiveness, enabling your games and files to load faster than ever before. That means less lag and smoother visuals, for an enhanced gaming experience. And with no moving parts, SSDs ensure that every laptop bump or drop won’t damage your drive.

Better With Intel Inside®

Leading-edge memory technology, such as NVMe*, ensures that your system will perform seamlessly, time and time again. Intel leads the pack in memory technology with breakthrough innovations, including 3D XPoint™ technology.

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Product Comparison

Product Name Capacity (GB) Sequential Read/Write (up to MB/s) Random 4KB Read/Write (up to IOPS) Form Factor Interface
Intel® SSD 750 Series  400 / 800 / 1.2 TB  2,500 / 1,200  460,000 / 290,000 2.5-inch x 15mm
Half-height half-length (HHHL) Add-in Card
 PCI Express* Gen3 x 4

Discover the Right Drive for Every Experience

Whether you’re building a secure data center or network for your business, dominating the competition in your favorite multiplayer game, or ensuring against data loss and drive failure for your home laptop, you’ll find the perfect Intel® Solid State Drive for your needs: