Support for Windows* XP has ended.

It's time to upgrade to an Intel-powered PC with Windows 8.

Do Business Faster and Smarter Than Ever

As we count down to the day Windows XP phases out, your old business PCs are quickly becoming obsolete. The good news is that its the best time for a PC upgrade. A Windows 8 upgrade and the latest generation of Intel-powered PCs are smarter and faster ways to do better business.

Windows* XP
Windows* 7
Maintenance cost for older PCs per year

How much will running Windows* XP on your old computers cost you in the long run?

Holding off on replacing your older business PCs may seem like a cost-saving strategy but constantly supporting your older PCs may end up being more expensive1. See how much you’ll save with this ROI calculator2.

How many PCs do you have in your organisation?

ROI Calculator Windows* XP Windows* 7
Estimated annual maintenance cost per PC2 $870 $168
Number of PCs in your organisation
Estimated total cost per year $ $

Estimated annual savings per year (US$) $168480

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Faster is more affordable than you think

PCs have evolved a lot in the last few years. With a new PC powered by the latest Intel® Core processor family performing 3 times faster, you can run multiple applications and create multimedia presentations simultaneously3,4,5,6 on laptops lighter than 1.8 kilograms7. Best of all, the average price for a new computer is only US$200 less than it was 4 years ago8.

Windows* 8, the future of business

No operating system has ever looked and felt like this before. A Windows 8 upgrade will change the way your business uses computers. With better security9, performance levels and touch screen capabilities, Windows 8 lets you run your business faster, safer and smarter.

See what else Windows 8 has to offer

Speed and performance you can touch

The power and performance of Intel processers work in harmony with the new Windows 8 touch experience11. With up to start up speeds almost 4 times faster3,11 and 57% longer battery life3,12, you can boost the productivity of your business with a more powerful processor and more efficient, longer lasting battery.

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