Caller wants you to visit a web site? Hang up. It's a hacker.Share
Did you know? Photos you share online can reveal your GPS location to strangers?Share
Get cheaper airfare

Why: Some airline web sites display higher fares if they detect multiple searches for the same flight.
- Wired Magazine

How: Select private or incognito mode in your browser menu to search for flights without being tracked.

Cost: Free; Awesomeness: +7
"Forget-me-not" password elixer; Say "adios" to passwords; Use a real password manager (not your browser's password manager)

Why: A password manager creates and remembers secure passwords for you. From now on, you’ll only have to remember one password.

How: Search “Password Manager.” Find a service you like. Click download.

Cost: $Free; Awesomeness: +10Share
Browse like a superhero; Use a search engine that protects your identity

Why: Ad networks and web companies use semi-intrusive mechanisms to fingerprint your browsing patterns. Do you want your searches to be public?

How: Use,, or any number of available online search engines.

Cost: Free; Awesomeness: +8Share


Security questions deserve a secret identity

Why: Hackers can find your elementary school or the name of your first pet through social media.

How: Don’t answer the question they are asking! Use random answers like “purple peanut butter cup,” and keep them in the notes section of your password manager.

Cost: >$10/Mo; Awesomeness: +5
A disposable e-mail address keeps your inbox; Squeaky Clean! Don't give your real e-mail address out to anyone who doesn't need it.

Why: You buy one thing, and they send you spam forever.

How: There are dozens of amazing services like,, and

Cost: $Free; Awesomeness: +3Share
If your bank or credit card calls you, hang up and call the number on your card.Share
"S" stands for security; Use HTTPS Everywhere!

Why: HTTPS adds extra encryption security to make all your sites as secure as a bank site.

How: Use the HTTPS version of web sites as often as possible. To make that easy, get the “HTTPS Everywhere” browser plugin.

Cost:$Free; Awesomeness: +6Share
Online phone numbers make it easy to block, forward, and reroute calls. Only give your actual cell phone number to humans/friends you want to call you.

Why: It can be difficult to block unwanted calls or texts on cell phones. It can be difficult to change your cell phone number.

How: Check out or search "online phone number."

Cost: $Free; Awesomeness: +8Share
Digital bullet-proofing spray; Use a VPN when away from your home or office

Why: It is easy for bad guys to watch, intercept, and mess with anything you do online. A VPN stops that like Kevlar stops bullets. Also: privacy.

How: Pay for a VPN service, or set one up on your home router. Learn how in our “Dr. Skip's Library of More Awesomeness” section below.

Cost: <$10/Mo; Awesomeness: +7Share
Sign in like a secret agent: Use two-step verification

Why: Two-step verification makes life much more difficult for would-be attackers.

How: Many cloud apps offer two-factor authentication (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LastPass, and so on). If you use a password anywhere, check if that site offers this awesome service.

Cost: $Free; Awesomeness: +10Share
On your GPS, label &qout;home" as something elseShare
Freshly Picked credit cards; Use single-use credit cards online

Why: Even if a hacker steals your credit card number, it will be useless to them.

How: Most banks offer single-use credit card numbers. It only works for the web site you determine, for the dollar amount you choose.

Cost: $Free; Awesomeness: +10Share
Track your laptop with a laptop private-eye

Why: Thousands of laptops and devices are stolen each day. There are plenty of free and paid solutions that let you track your device, and send reports to police.

How: A search for “free laptop tracking” should point you in the right direction. Some of our favorites are Prey* and McAfee LiveSafe.

Cost: $Free or paid; Awesomeness: +10Share
Your physical (home) address directly relates to your personal safety: Keep it offlineShare
Don't plug your phone into any charger you don't own.Share

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