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Explore the past, present, and future of retail

Explore the past, present, and—most important—the future of retail through this visually engaging web portal brought to you by Intel and The Store—WPP's Retail Practice. We "future-cast" a collection of retail objects that will innovate the marketplace and transform the way we shop. Visit site >


Jose Avalos, worldwide director for retail
Vending Marketwatch


Technology Advances the Retail Experience
Joe Jensen, general manager, retail solutions division, describes how consumer technology interacting with store technology is enhancing the shopping experience.

Modeling the Future of Retail
Brian David Johnson, Intel futurist, "futurecasts" technology in retail, part of his charter to develop an actionable vision for computing in 2020.

Big data, big future for retail
Watch Steve Power Brown, Intel chief evangelist and futurist, explain the data challenge facing retailers and the opportunities created through it.


"Empowering retail transformation with advanced digital solutions"
Powerful new connections between retailers and consumers are discussed in this thought-provoking paper on “bricks, mortar, and mobile.”

"Envisioning technology's role in transforming retail's future"
Explore future technologies that will transform retail by improving efficiency, shopping experiences, and marketing effectiveness.

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Retail Technology: Today and Tomorrow

Engage with consumers, measure ROI, and gain a competitive advantage with the latest Intel®-based technology.

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Executive spotlight: Joe Jensen

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See through Joe’s eyes how consumer smartphone enablement in the store is key to our retail future.

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