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Medical Panel PC Improves Healthcare Technology Safety: Brief

Learn how Avalue has integrated technology to improve safety and lower costs in medical environments.

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Medical Panel PC Improves Healthcare Technology Safety

Raising the bar on healthcare and wellness through smart technology
Avalue’s Primary Care Clinic Solution* (PCCS) is an all-in-one, multifunctional medical panel PC designed for medical practitioners to use in hospitals, clinics, treatment facilities, and nursing homes. PCCS is designed to strict sanitation and safety requirements, making it suitable for a medical environment.

• Improve occupational safety and efficiency. Deploy equipment that are compliant with medical regulations and able to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Promote better doctor-patient relationship. Use efficient tools that streamline documentation of patient records that enable doctors to handle cases better; explain examination results and other medical information to patients more clearly to avoid disputes.
• High operating costs. Minimize upgrades with the use of generic consumer devices that have a short life span, complex asset management requirements and high personnel training expenses.

• Design a computing device specifically for medical use. Revolutionize patient metrics monitoring by having a device that efficiently stores patient records for easy retrieval and review.
• Invest in a long-term solution. Lower asset management, training, and procurement costs with the use of specialized medical panel PC’s powered by 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i7 Processors.
• Use excellent visual and 3D graphics technology. Change the way patients view their results with clearer pictures of their current condition that aids in making critical informed decisions.

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