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Intel® Atom™ Processor-based Curriculum at Georgia Tech

Ada Gavrilovska discusses how Intel® Atom™ processor-based Georgia Tech curriculum meets the industry need for embedded systems design expertise.

Reproducing Nondeterministic Program Execution for Parallelism

Article: Reproducing nondeterministic program execution improves multi-core performance by reducing software vulnerabilities. (v.1, March 2010)

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Real-Time High-Performance Computing Optimizes Multi-Core Systems

Article: Intel® technology enables real-time high-performance computing solutions for multi-core processors. (v.1, July 2009)

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Intel® Signal Processing Development Kit: Presentation

Presentation: Intel® Signal Processing Development Kit overview covers demands, releases, functions, and related Intel® technology.

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Optimize Code for Multi-Core Migrations

Webinar: Optimize code and reduce issues when migrating to Intel® multi-core processors using Intel® SPDK and the included CriticalBlue* Prism* tool.

Thermal and Power Challenges of Embedded Environments

Article: Embedded environments, such as in-vehicle infotainment and digital signage, require complex thermal and power solutions. (v.1, July 2011)

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Distributed Systems: Challenge in Embedded System Design

Jan M. Rabaey discusses distributed computing trends in embedded system design at the Intel® Embedded Research and Education Summit 2011.

Embedded Systems Activities at the Indian Institute of Science

Intel® Embedded Research and Education Summit 2011: Describes current research activities including embedded system design and verification.

Cloud at Home: Virtualized Personal Infrastructures

Ada Gavrilovska discusses at-home cloud computing and virtualized personal infrastructure, including architecture, Vplay project, and Vstore project.

Change Operating System Configurations with Intel® BLDK

White Paper: How to use the Intel® BLDK to change configurations, allowing an operating system boot in UEFI mode. (v.001, July 2011)

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