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将智能手机连接至英特尔 Wi-Fi* 网络的发展蓝图

为充分利用 IT 消费品化 (以用户采用的电子用品为导向) 带来的优势,以及更好地管理智能手机应用在英特尔的日益普及,且不会对英特尔的信息安全和管理要求造成影响,英特尔 IT 部门制定了相应的发展蓝图,以便将智能手机连接到企业 Wi-Fi* 网络。

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简介: 英特尔 IT 使用空气节能器冷却生产服务器,在温度高达 90 华氏度时完全使用室外空气进行冷却。

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Remote PC Management with Intel® vPro™ Technology as an IT Best Practice

Intel IT plans to use Intel® vPro™ technology to remotely manage PCs at select factory IT environments.

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Lenovo on Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (PC Protection Services)

Testimonial video by Lenovo Executives talking about the benefits of Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (PC Protection Services).

Protect Sensitive Data with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology

Product Brief: Intel® Anti-Theft Technology powered by the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor protects lost or stolen assets for IT managers.

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Protect Lost or Stolen PCs

Video: Laptops based on 2nd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors include multiple layers of defense to help protect data.

インテル® Core™ vPro™ プロセッサーを採用したモバイル・コンピューティング・ソリューション


Fujitsu Detachable Tablet Delivers Business Flexibility

Fujitsu Stylistic Q702* detachable tablet is designed for business, using Intel® technology for simultaneous applications in a secure environment.