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Ultrabook™ でビジネス環境を刷新

パワフルでスタイリッシュ、そして安全。Ultrabook™ はオフィスでも外出先でも同じように使えるデバイスとして、企業向け PC のパフォーマンスと生産性に新しい基準をもたらします。

What is a Netbook

What is a netbook? We answer your questions and help you choose the right computer for you.

노트북 태블릿: 인텔의 Windows* 2 in 1 기기

놀랍도록 다양한 기능을 갖춘 새로운 2 in 1 기기는 인텔만의 독보적인 성능과 탁월한 이동성이 완벽하게 통합된 하나의 노트북 태블릿 기기입니다.

Inside IT: Ultrabook™ Deployment in the Enterprise Podcast

Intel IT’s John Mahvi talks about the advantages to IT and employees as Intel offers Ultrabook™ devices widely to its employees for the first time.

Big Data 101: How Big Data Makes Big Impacts

Introducing big data, what it is, why you should care, and how organizations can take advantage to uncover insight and big competitive impact.

Electronic Voting in Brazil - An Intel Technology Story

Electronic voting machines based on Intel® processors bring security, accuracy, and convenience to Brazil's voters.

How to Use HDMI to Stream HDTV from Your PC

Dave Taylor explains how to stream HDTV with a HDMI cable.

Intel® Technology Story: Robotic Rides Designed for Thrills

Embedded Intel® processors are behind this robotic ride sensation that thrills riders.

Intel and Will.i.am

Intel and Will.i.am, the Director of Creative Innovation, help push the bounds of technology and entertainment.

زيادة خصوصية فيس بوك* وأمانه

فيديو: تقيم Intel شراكة مع دايف تايلور من موقع AskDaveTaylor.com، وهو يطلعنا على إعدادات الخصوصية في عالم فيس بوك المتغيّر باستمرار.