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Medical Device Security with IT Platforms and Technologies: Paper

White Paper: Healthcare IT program takes a layered security approach to protect medical devices from potential malware attacks.

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University Health Migrates Database and Reduces TCO Infographic

By migrating its EHR database from RISC to an open standards-based architecture, University Health lowers TCO and boosts performance and flexibility.

Using Wearable Technology to Advance Parkinson's Research

Describes Intel's collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation on a Parkinson's research solution using wearable technology.

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Mobile Devices: Supporting the Shift to Value-Based Healthcare

Case Study: Professors at the University of Pittsburgh's SHRS are using mobile devices to improve the patient experience and quality of healthcare.

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MOMA Video Conferencing Improves Health Care Outcomes

Case Study: MOMA video conferencing reduces hospitalizations and specialty clinic visits and improves quality of care for chronically ill patients.

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Genome Sequencing Analysis with Intel Reference Architecture

White Paper: Describes a pipeline for statistical genome sequencing analysis of data using Intel Reference Architecture for Genomics Data Analysis.

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Healthcare IT Solutions: Genomics Code Halvade*

Explore the healthcare benefits of Genomics Code Halvade*, a framework that quickly sequences the human genome, review performance results, and more.

GROMACS* 5.0 RC1: Groningen Machine for Chemical Simulations*

Optimization of GROMACS*, a molecular dynamics program for Newtonian motion, for Intel® processor-based machines helps advance science research.

LAMMPS*: Molecular Dynamics Code for Particles

The Large-Scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator* (LAMMPS*) gains improved performance with the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor.

NAMD* 2.10: Nanoscale Molecular Dynamics*

See how the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor can improve the performance of NAMD* 2.10 code for high-performance biomolecular simulations.