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Hybrid PCB Stack-up: Optimization of Cost and Loss Performance

Design Guide: Hybrid PCB stack-up helps improve signal integrity performance for high-speed signaling at lower cost than an all low loss stack-up.

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Intel® Desktop Board DH87MC Enables Application Multitasking

Product Brief: The Intel® Desktop Board DH87MC provides the power for application multitasking, allowing users to switch easily between tasks.

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Compare Intel® Desktop Boards

Compare Intel® Desktop Boards with detailed specifications for up to five boards at a time to select which is best for your needs. Intel; Server and Workstation Systems are engineered from the CPU out to help you meet several business needs such as SMB applications, virtualization deployments, and HPC infrastructure.

Intel® Desktop Board DB85FL

Find Intel® Desktop Board DB85FL features and configurations, such as Intel® Small Business Advantage, to simplify maintenance and security tasks.

Intel® Desktop Board DH87RL

Find Intel® Desktop Board DH87RL features and configurations, such as 4th gen Intel® Core™ and Celeron® processor support and open socket flexibility.

Intel® Desktop Board DZ87KLT-75K

Find Intel® Desktop Board DZ87KLT-75K features and configurations, such as Intel® -K processor line support and Thunderbolt™ technology.

Intel® Desktop Board DB75EN What’s in the Box

Array showcases Intel® Desktop Board DB75EN items: desktop board, I/O shield, SATA cables, configuration label, and Intel® Express Installer Driver.

Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ 360° View

Interactive 360° view lets you explore Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ components.

Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ Interactive Diagram

Demo: Identify and explore the components that make up the Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ with this interactive diagram.

Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ: What’s in the Box?

Product array lets you explore the various components of the Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ: I/O shield, SATA cables, Quick Reference Guide, and more.