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Enterprise Device Management: Refresh Cycle Is Still Relevant

Even with the proliferation of device types, Intel IT adheres to the fundamentals of enterprise device management.

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Le processeur Intel® Xeon® réduit le coût des serveurs

Les fonctions matérielles de sécurité des processeurs Intel® Xeon® permettent une consolidation efficace des serveurs et réduisent les coûts.

Intel IT Best Practices for Implementing Apache Hadoop* Software

In five weeks, Intel IT implemented an Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software-based big data platform for business intelligence value.

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Intel Chip Chat: SAS on Data Visualization

SAS’s Paul Bachteal discusses data visualization growth, delivering self-service data analytics without IT dependence for faster real-time insights.

The Future of the Data Center – Keynote by Intel’s Boyd Davis

This video includes highlights from a conversation with Boyd Davis, Intel General Manager, Datacenter Software Division.

Intel® Node Manager Capable Platform Configuration

Detailed walk-through of how to set up Intel® Node Manager includes installing the system in the data center and configuration of energy monitoring.

Intelligent Storage Optimization to Streamline the Data Center

Brief: Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2 product family-based solutions help reduce storage capacity needs, streamlining data center efficiency.

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BMV: Zero to 100,000 Transactions in 0:01 Second

To meet extreme computing demands, the Mexican Stock Exchange designs a proprietary system based on Intel® Xeon® processors.

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Intel® 10 Gigabit AT2 Server Adapter: Declaration of Conformity

Intel’s Declaration of Conformity for Intel® 10 Gigabit AT2 Server Adapter D80259/E10G41AT2/E10G41ATG1P5.

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Intel® 10 Gigabit CX4 Dual Port Server Adapter: Declaration

Intel’s Declaration of Conformity for Intel® 10 Gigabit CX4 Dual Port Server Adapter E15807/EXPX9502CX4/EXPX9502CX4G1P5.

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