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Build Home Theater PCs with Intel® NUC

Solution Brief: Explains how to build home theater PCs using Intel® NUC, Linux Mint* OS, and open source XBMC media center applications.

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Mini PC - Intel® NUC Kit DC3217BY

Experience movies, photos, and games seamlessly with Intel® NUC Kit DC3217BY, a pocket-size solution that delivers superior visuals.

Mini PC - Intel® NUC Kit DCCP847DYE

Powered by the Intel® Celeron® processor, the Intel® NUC kit DCCP847DYE provides a customizable computing system for a range of applications.

Mini PC - Intel® NUC Board D34010WYB

Find features, configurations, briefs, and an overview of the Intel® NUC board D34010WYB, perfect as a home office, personal, or home media center PC.

Mini PC - Intel® NUC Board DE3815TYBE

Delivering ideal power usage, performance, and affordability, the Intel® NUC Board DE3815TYBE drives light digital signage, POS, and kiosk solutions.

Hyundai Interactive Board Powered by Intel® NUC

Experience easy, quick, and smart communication on the Intel® NUC-based Hyundai Interactive Board for real-time collaboration and conferencing.

Intel® NUC Ecosystem Enabling Specification

Specification: Next Unit of Computing ecosystem specs for tested hardware, design-ready and design-in-progress chassis, and peripherals.

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CNS IT Services and Solutions Builds on Intel® NUC

German IT provider CNS IT Services and Solutions delivers the Intel® NUC-based Glasurit* workstation, a color-blending solution for automotive paints.

Left Click Communication Software Intel® NUC Testimonial

Left Click’s Jochem De Bie talks building communication software for the Intel® NUC due to its simple manageability, connectivity, and effectiveness.

Intel® NUC Brings Mainstream Gaming Experience to Home TV: Brief

Solution Brief: Get the mainstream gaming experience on your home TV with the Intel® NUC and services, such as Steam’s Big Picture Mode*.

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