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New PC Delivery Process Cuts Employee Downtime

Many employees can get a new, personalized system in under an hour

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New PC Delivery Process Cuts Employee Downtime

Executive Overview
As part of our focus on a user-centered model of delivering IT services, in 2012 Intel IT optimized its PC delivery process, resulting in improved Intel employee productivity, experience, and operational efficiency. We formalized our innovative approach over several months to determine the most efficient ways to reduce employee downtime, technician handling time, and overall process time.

The new, streamlined steps to the PC delivery process include preparing the data, settings, and core applications for employees in advance. These process improvements allow employees to return to work more quickly, reducing their downtime—the time spent without a fully personalized computer, including data migration and final configurations—from an average of 4.5 hours to 1 hour, a 77 percent reduction.

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